Extensions Review

         Extensions come in a large variety of lengths and colors. Not to mention brands. Some systems only differ from materials that are used or just from the name. 
Hair extensions are hair additions that are secured to the base of the clients hair in order to add length, volume, texture, or color. Extensions offer a better blending of real hair and artificial hair than hairpieces.
Hair extensions might seem like a new invention but in reality hair additions have been around as far back as the  Egyptian times when both men and women work wigs [Egyptians were the first to cultivate beauty in an extravagant fashion and to use cosmetics as part of their personal beautification habits, religious ceremonies and preparing the deceased for burial. They were said to shave their heads with bronze razors and wore heavy black wigs to protect themselves from the sun]. Hair pieces have been in and out of fashion since then.
          The trend has become much more widespread with many different people using them for different reasons. They play an important role in today's fashion-conscious world. 

Permanent hair extensions can cost a few hundred pounds for each application and they only last up to around 4 months. Hair extensions will not last forever, Mostly because the attachment breaks. Most common reason is because the growth of your own hair. Extensions connect to your own hair which will progressively loosen as your hair grows [approximately 0.4" per month] depending on how fast your hair grows and how well your take care of it. They should either be taken out or re-tightened as they become loose. Some systems can last longer then others but in general they can last anywhere between 2 to 6 months.

With this technique small strands of extension hair is attached one by one to small sections of your own hair by either weaving in clamping with metal tubes or using wax and polymers. 
WEFT EXTENSIONS:A weft is a track of several inches long on which the hair is already attached [a curtain of hair attached together at the top and free flowing at the bottom] These should be applied using one row [track] at a time instead of strand by strand.
CLIP ON:: These are considered to be the easiest to apply.  Clip a strand within your hair and take it out before you go to bed.
FUSION METHOD [STRAND BY STRAND, OR PRE-TIPPED HAIR]- Is a process done with small sections strand by strand.
WEAVING METHODA process in which you create a cornrow or track around the head and  close to the scalp. Extension hair is sewn onto the tracks for a natural look.
BONDING METHOD- Is considered to be the easiest of methods though only works temporarily. This is when a bonding glue is applied onto the weft of the extension hair and then applied at the root of the hair.
CLIP-IN- Is a method where clips are sewn onto human extensions and may be clipped in and out yourself. It is easily detached just like removing a hair clip.
TAPE ON AND SEAMLESS- This method is a new age way to put hair extensions in. The wafted part of the hair is made from polyurethane really thin flat strip that is already pre taped with a stick double sided tape. This method is easy to do, you just pull the backing off and apply the hair. These extensions last up to 1-5 days, though if you want it to last longer you can apply adhesive that should last several months.
MINI-LINKS-This method uses no glue, no heat, no remover nor damages the hair. Your own hair is pulled into the small pieces with a crochet hook looking tool and the pre tipped hair is then pulled inside the link and is squeezed tightly.To remove extensions use punchers to open the links.


Too Early... x.x"

tsh Im so tired of waking up this early to go to school. I feel like Im in high school again I swear.
Hope dem hoes are ready for my feet ^,....^ NUM NUM NUM
Not to mention I have no food to eat my cigs are almost gone and Ima get yelled at v.v" 
I think its time for a job >.> or get wasted.

Back in the Day

woop time for a new position  ^.~ will you hold me like a conversation?


im ganna get killed....LETS REVIEW 
NUMBER 1-started smoking
NUMBER2-got fired
NUMBER3-got laid
NUMBER4-got a cat for christmas
NUMBER5-found an annoying dog to keep
NUMBER6-lied to my mom
NUMBER7-broke my boyfriends clippers
NUMBER8-had a cop threaten me
NUMBER9-broke my toenail off
NUMBER9-burnt my roommates arm hair off with my cigarette
NUMBER10-found my spiritual calling to wicca
NUMBER11-licked a window for a dollar
NUMBER12-chopped my hair off
NUMBER13-was given a farret
NUMBER14-stepped on my cats tail
NUMBER15-rammed my forehead into a nail
NUMBER16-going to cosmetology school
NUMBER17-got internet back
NUMBER18-became a walking acid trip

NUMBER19-tried exercising
NUMBER20-ate chocolate
NUMBER21-spent 80 buckz on nothing
NUMBER22-got a dead doll
NUMBER23-sniffed my socks
NUMBER24-went to candy land 
NUMBER25-murdered my roommate in my head
NUMBER26- pew pew pew pew       woop der goes your eye ball

These influences are ganna lead to the self distruction of todays youth....



Scrubba dub in the tub, space for two?

 Hes only been gone 2 hours, but it feels like 5. You'd think after being stuck up someones ass 24/7 you'd get tired of them and anxious for them to give you space. but when I get that space I hate the quietness that comes with it.
So to occupy my time I decided to go ahead and write in here, even though no one reads them. Maybe I should start a new goal and try to add friends to this pitiful page x3 which I mean it doesn't matter a journals suppose to be just for your eyes, but this is "live"journal a price you have to pay for someone to see what your feeling. 
Theres been so much going on within such a few days. I almost lost my job over a sty. I mean o.o come on I cant fake my eye being swollen and Im sure no one wants a one eyed waitress who looks like she got a cum shot in her eye to wait on them lolz. and it was nice to see my dad and mom again though. They came down to check up on me. Plus now I got staff along areas of my body  that meds dont seem to be helping none.
But maybe things will go my way sooner or later.

Wanna wear Mini Mouses ears for a day? O-o"

Why does it take a minute to say hello
yet forever to say goodbye?
My jaw feels like its ganna fall off. Its gotten the whole side of my face numb.
I dont think Ill ever trust a dentist again.Besides that fact,
Im starving n waiting for my roommates to cook.
This is ganna be a show all its own. I just hope the food will be eatable lolz

...................................................................................................SEVRAL MINUTES LATER.........................................................................................

Oh excuss me I got distracted o. o" this aurther movie is getting stranger n stranger.
I wanna kill mini mouse now. >:] nyaaahahahaaaaa.

IMVU Creators Program

Well since Ive had the enternet Im able to get on more. Which is awsome because now I can start building up my IMVU
catty. I was flipping threw "cute" Deviant Art pictures thinking of a nice little sticker I can start making. There were a few
[http://fav.me/d218p4c] ::Adorable Oranges::
[http://fav.me/d1r6ohv] ::Im Cute Monster::
[http://fav.me/d286py2] ::Cute CupCake::
My main problem with these Stickers if I was to make them so, is the sizes O. o I cant seem to make them large, is that because Im not very High in lvl on the creators thingy? Anywho Ima go n look it up to see what I can learn, When I get more info ill let ya know about it.

Wanna blow my hair dryer?

Wanna fuck the blow dryer?
What was really said : Can you unplug the blow dryer?
This is how my brain works xDD
Yesterday was my Monday for work,
Had a large group of 25 to 30
people come in all at once.
Talk about a train wreck.
They looked like they was from Crystals’ hair all did up n shit.
Funny thing is there was only two waitresses and one cook,
knowing this they disrespect ably demanded their foods
all at once n expected it to dance infront of them.
There’s no way we can prepare that much food on the grill all at once, Waffle house isnt no 5 star restraunt now. Besides
they wasn’t the only ones there, more were pouring in by the minute.
I’m glade Last night wasn’t as bad Though, But it didn’t make up in tips that it shoulda been.

Joining LiveJournal


Theres too much time in one day,
yet a week passes so quickly.
I usually spend my free time on random projects and useless conversations. So Ive decided to join
Live journal seeing as how Ive hard so much about it. Besides I have some sketches id like others views on.
I love comments, thrive on suggestions and breath off of criticism. So
dont be shy to leave no message now, Its a clever way in getting to know someone ^,....^